Weekly Meetings

We meet for lunch at 12PM at the Isles Yacht Club on Thursdays!

Please get in touch with us for an invitation by emailing ROTARY33950@gmail.com.

Healing Field of Honor

November 9-11, 2024 at Laishley Park. Flag sales and sponsorship information coming soon!

Taste of Punta Gorda

March 2, 2025 at Laishley Park. Visit www.tasteofpuntagorda.org for the latest information.


Punta Gorda Rotary is working with the Czestochowa Rotary Club in Poland to get medical and other relief supplies to Ukrainian refugees and to hospitals in Ukraine.

We will be taking donations for as long as necessary. Photographs and videos of the work being done are posted on the News tab of this Website.

To donate to the Ukrainian Relief,  https://punta-gorda-rotary-club.square.site/

Project Videos, https://youtube.com/channel/UCl8YWBKNQky7xctSGXgjezA

Czestochowa Rotary Club website updates on our Ukraine Relief efforts, https://rotaryczestochowa.org/category/aktualnosci/


Improving Maternal & Child Health in Thomassique, Haiti.  Link to learn more about maternal and child health, https://tinyurl.com/y59akuh9.

Water4Life Mozambique is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization and recognized NGO in Mozambique that works with the Punta Gorda Rotary Club on international projects in Mozambique. Its passion is drilling water wells to provide clean, safe drinking water to remote villages in northern Mozambique, Africa.  The organization’s focus is on bringing precious, clean water to remote village communities, so that women and girls will not have to travel long distances with 40 pounds of water on their heads every day, and girls will have more time to dedicate themselves to school and their studies.

Website to learn more, https://water4lifemozambique.org/punta-gorda-rotary-global-grant.

Make a commitment at, https://www.puntagordarotary.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Individual-or-Club-Commitment-Form-for-Multi-Club-W4LMoz-Project.pdf

Donations, https://checkout.square.site/merchant/4FAZ369XTN2KF/checkout/2MUI2W2GDBV4YARNGRDVNQXI